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Personnel Policies & Procedures

Full Personnel Policy Listing

Personnel Policies Table of Contents

Policy 1: Purpose of Personnel Policies and Procedures

Policy 2-A: Equal Employment Opportunity – Fair Employment Practices

Policy 2-B: Equal Opportunity – Sexual Harassment

Policy 2-C: Equal Opportunity – Immigration and Control Act

Policy 2-D: Equal Opportunity – Resolving Employment and Program Participant Discrimination Complaints

Policy 3: Employee Selection & Hiring Procedures

Policy 4: Employee Classifications

Policy 5: Employment Relations Policy Statement

Policy 6: Wage and Salary Administration

Policy 7: Attendance & Punctuality

Policy 8: Agency Vehicle Driving Standards

Policy 9: Protocol – Telephone/Smoking/Personnel Records

Policy 10: Drugs & Alcohol

Policy 11: Other Employment

Policy 12: Conflict of Interest

Policy 13: Standards of Conduct – Performance Improvement Process

Policy 13-A: Standards of Conduct – Breaches of Employee Obligations (Trust)

Policy 14: Open Door Resolution of Issues, Complaints or Suggestions

Policy 15: Insured Employee Benefits

Policy 16: Unplanned Paid Leave

Policy 16-A: Personal Time

Policy 17: Leaves of Absence

Policy 18: Bereavement

Policy 18-A: Civic Duty

Policy 19: Vacation

Policy 20: Holidays

Policy 21: Training & Development

Policy 21-A: Tuition Reimbursement

Policy 22: Exiting Employees

Policy 23: Weekly Disability Income

Policy 24: Telephone Use

Policy 25: Fraternization

Policy 26: Conditional Employee Requirements

Policy 27: Safety

Policy 28: Information Systems

Policy 29: Requests for Employee References

Policy 30: Gift Giving

Policy 31: Workplace Violence

Policy 32: “No Weapons” 

Policy 33: Pager Delegation

Policy 34: Transfer Policy

Policy 35: Standards of Grooming & Dress

Policy 36: Benefit Allowance

Policy 37: Statements to the News Media

Policy 38: Management Structure and Authority