Choices is going green with our year end forms. No more waiting on snail 🐌 mail. Retrieve your forms as soon as Paycor makes them available!
We encourage all staff members to opt into paperless delivery for their Form W-2, Form 1095 and Form 1099 (for independent contractors). Please enable paperless delivery by December 5th. 
Employees who prefer to continue receiving a paper copy via U. S. Mail will incur a $2.00 admin fee which is going to be deducted from your pay. 
Please follow the steps below on how to enable the paperless option in Paycor.
1. Log Into Paycor and navigate to the "ME" tab, then click on "Pay Stubs".
2. Navigate to the "Paperless Options" tab
3. Check the boxes under "Paperless On" for each applicable document and be sure to read the disclosure.
4. Click the "Sign & Continue" button which will electronically sign your consent form and complete the set up. 
Once the documents become available (usually by January 31st or sooner), they can be retrieved under the "Tax Document" tab. 
If at any time you wish to cancel the paperless option, follow the same steps and uncheck the box(es). 
Should you need assistance please contact the office. 

Paperless W2 Instructions