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Want Better than a 6% Raise?

You could qualify for a bigger paycheck if you…

  • Have worked for Choices In Community Living for 2 or more years (or have a combination of 2 years experience from CICL and another provider)
  • Complete a 60 hour online training course.
  • Provide HPC services

Learn more by attending one of the following meetings:

  • May 23rd | 2:00pm and 4:00pm | Safe Haven (Hatton Center)
  • May 29th | 10:00am and Noon | Dayton Needmore office
  • May 31st | 11:00am | Springfield Library

Pay changes go into effect in July of 2018. Employees who do not yet qualify will able to get the increase once all criteria is met.

New Easy Reporting!

Check it out!

June 29 - 2018 Partners Bowl-A-Thon at Beaver-Vu Bowl.

This year's theme is tie-dye, which will also include tye-dye shirts.

Registration information will be available in May.


Weekend Stipend? SAY WHAT!?!?

$.50 Per hour Saturdays
$.75 Per Hour Sundays
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