Fun One is Fun is a GREAT opportunity to make some extra money while enriching the lives of the people we serve. Want to get paid to go to a concert or sporting event? Enjoy plays or movies but can't find the time? Fun One can help you do all these and more while getting PAID! If you want to sign up to for any of the 2019 activities that are already available or want to see the listings, please do so in the program you use to report work under the "Fun One" tab.

To see the full listing for all 2019 Fun One activities please click here.


How to earn $1 more per HPC hours worked. Click Here for more information.


 If you will be doing any holiday shopping on Amazon, please remember that Choices is part of their Amazon Smile campaign. When you purchase your items, you can list Choices as your charity and we will get a percentage of your purchase.



Weekend Stipend? SAY WHAT!?!?

$.50 Per hour Saturdays
$.75 Per Hour Sundays
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