WHat should i do?

NEW: Employee Resource Help

If anyone has questions for our new ERN Coach please feel free to reach out to her at:

Amanda Mobley

Soar to Success Coach


In the CICL Office on Tuesdays- All submissions are 100% confidential

Utility assistance: found here

Montgomery County assistance with utilities, rent & mortgage due to COVID-19: found here

Employees should use the help desk ticketing system to request help with Transportation, Fiscal, Maintenance and IT/Computer issues.

*Note: Safe Haven Maintenance requests can now be entered under their own section 

Use the guidelines below to determine if you should call or enter a ticket. If you call for an item that requires a ticket you may be asked to submit a ticket and then someone will get back to you.

EXPECTED RESPONSE TIMES: IT/Computer issues 1 hour | All others 1-2 business days..

Fiscal            Submit Ticket

  • Paycor username / Password help

Maintanance - Submit Ticket

  • General repairs, minor reconstruction
  • Painting, wall repair
  • Changing locks
  • Water Line Breaks
  • Drain blockage
  • Heater / Air Conditioning failure, pilot lights

Please review the Maintenance Guide for assistance prior to submitting a ticket. It can be found here.

IT / Computer - Submit Ticket

  • Reporting Work Problems
  • Computer problems
  • Email, software problems

IT help desk returns calls between 8am and 11pm

Nursing- Submit Ticket

Transportation / Vehicle Repairs

For routine maintenance scheduling:

  • Oil Change
  • Brake Job
  • Tire Rotation
  • Lights/Turn Signal Replacement
  • Any Non-Emergency Issues

Please include Vehicle Number in Ticket.

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Please submit a help desk ticket:

Submit Ticket 

Who to call if

Direct Depost was not recieved - Call Dayton Office 937-898-2220 and ask for Fiscal

NOTE: Fiscal does NOT handle payroll problems including missing hours.

Contact your manager or Program Director for ALL payroll related problems and questions. test

  • Van wreck - Call Dayton Office 937-898-2220
  • Water Line Breaks - Call Dayton Office 937-898-2220
  • Heater / Air Conditioning failure, pilot lights - Call Dayton Office 937-898-2220.
  • Internet is down - call home manager