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On-Call Nurse Phone Line (937)272-5363

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Follow Up

There is an emergency

  • Client not breathing – Conduct one round of CPR then CALL 911 then continue CPR
  • Client ingests chemicals – call Poison control (800) 222-1222
  • First time seizure – Call 911
  • Head injury client conscious – Call Nurse
  • Head injury client unconscious – Call 911
  • Broken bone in leg – call 911
  • Choking episode – perform Heimlich maneuver

Call 911 first then call the On-Call Nurse, then the Director and finally the PA.

Complete UI/MUI report

Blood sugar reading is below 70

  • Be sure to review and understand order on the MAR
  • NOTE: If the client becomes unresponsive and or cannot swallow call 911.
  • Give client one 8 ounce glass of milk THEN
  • Call Nurse. Follow nurse instructions
  • If nurse has not responded within 15 minutes check blood sugar again. IF still below 70 give another glass of milk.
  • Check blood sugar again 15 minutes after giving second glass of milk.
  • If blood sugar is still below 70 and you have not heard from nurse call 911.

Blood Pressure reading is over 200

  • Call on-call nurse @ (937)272-5363

Medication was given ON TIME but not documented within parameters.

Do not document in QuickMAR. Click here Enter ticket. Please include the name of the Med, Client's name, Home name, Staff name, the actual time that the med was passed and what happened.

Nurse will call you if needed for additional information.

Medication not given within the 2-hour parameters.


  • Call on-call nurse @ (937)272-5363

. Prepare to answer:

  • Medications
  • Next med pass time
  • Cause for delay

If nurse does not respond within 15 minutes

  • Call Director (David) 937-620-0737

Write a UI

Follow instructions from nurse or director.

Contact PA to alert them of situation.

  • There is a QuickMAR alert indicating medications not passed.
  • Medications for earlier med pass still in bubble pack.
  • Medication is not available or missing.
  • Call on-call nurse @ (937)272-5363

Follow instructions from RN

To result a PRN medication given by another employee.

  1. Read reason for PRN. (Temp, Headache)
  2. Determine if PRN worked. (Take temperature, Ask client if still in pain)
  3. Enter result. (new temp, pain gone).

When a PRN medication does not resolve problem

  • Do not give another PRN medication
  • Call on-call nurse @ (937)272-5363 for further directions

Two medications are available to give but you are only passing one. EXAMPLE: a 7pm medication and an 8pm medication are available but you are only giving the 7pm medication.

  • Only document for the medication you administered to client.
  • Click “Next”
  • Choose “Continue” from pop-up window
  • Complete documentation
  • Call PA for them to get one of the two PRNs discontinued.

When medication label does not match QuickMAR exactly, examples:

  • Directions do not match what is in bubble pack
  • Six rights don’t match (Date, Time, Individual, Medication, Dosage, Route)
  • Medication has expired
  • Medication for date to pass is not available


Contact on-call nurse  (937)272-5363

  • If on-call nurse does not respond within 15 minutes contact David at 937-620-0737. If no answer leave detailed message or send text that includes: Staff name, Home name, phone number.

When a medication is finished (for example an antibiotic ends) but the medication still shows to give in QuickMAR.

Tell PA then the PA will call teh On-Call Nurse

Call on-call nurse @ (937)272-5363

QuickMAR is displaying two orders for the same medication

Call Nurse (937)272-5363

Prepare to answer:

  • Name of Medication
  • Client name
  • Home

Anytime you are unsure about whether to give a medication or not call a supervisor or nurse!

Employees are tested annually on the following medical topics. Use the information below to prepare and keep up on the information

Using QuickMAR

Below is a 5 minute step by step video of using QuickMAR includng when to apply the SIX RIGHTS.

Employees are tested on this knowledge annually so use the video as needed to ensure you are following proper medication administration proceedures.