Proper Van Cleaning - Video 1

Proper Van Cleaning - Video 2

Training materials from the 3/11/20 Admin meeting can be found by clicking here.

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First Aid / CPR

1. Full First Aid  / CPR Certification - Held Every Wednesday
2. First Aid / CPR Recertification - Upon Request
Call the office and ask for Denese to schedule either
If you're locked out or nearing lock-out, please click here and fill out the request.


2022 Medication Administration Training Schedule

Employees arriving late or leaving early may be asked to reschedule for another series of classes and the time will not be paid. Please be prepared to arrive on time and attend the entire class.

FORMS: Application  | Skills Check List | Med Admin Book

Training Evaluation Form

Full Training Series

Call Human Resources at 937.898.2220 to register for initial Medication Administration class.

Recertification only                        
Register for a Dayton 2023 recert class
*Not eligible for employees working in homes without G-Tube or Insulin Consumers*
*Not eligible for employees working in homes without G-Tube or Insulin Consumers*
Register for G-Tube Recert Class - 2023
Register for Insulin Recert Class - 2023
Classes are conducted over 2 or 3 days as indicated. Employees must attend all classes in the series.

Depending on the class it could be any day Monday-Sunday.

2023 Initial Medication Administration Classes:
1/14 & 1/15 - 8:00AM-5:00PM
2023 Med Admin Renewal Classes:
1/26 2pm to 4:15 pm
2/7 10am to 12:15pm
2/23 2pm to 4:15pm
3/7 10am to 12:15pm
3/24 2pm to 4:14pm
4/4 10am to 12:15pm
4/20 1pm to 3:15pm
5/9 1pm to 3:15pm
5/25 1pm to 3:15 pm
6/13 10am to 12:15pm
6/22 5pm to 7:15pm

Insulin Renewal
1/11 10am to 11am
3/2 11am to 12pm
5/10 10am to 11 am
G Tube Renewal 1/11 2pm to 3pm
1/11 2pm to 3pm
3/2 1pm to 2pm
5/10 12pm to 1pm