Vacationing in Tennessee

Dan Cochranspotlight

If we could write a country song about our recent trip to Tennessee, it would include all happy words … the joy of seeing Graceland, the home of their hero Elvis Presley; the fun at looking at all the wax figures at Madame Tussauds;  the thrill of being at the Grand Ole Opry; the laughter of a comedy bus tour; the excitement of eating at the Aquarium Restaurant surrounded by exotic fish. There was making memories with friends  – Bryan Mayenschein, John Grove, Edward Holcomb, Tim Powers and Trinity Lutz, along with the always exciting Marvin Lewis and always supportive staff!

Best of all, there was that amazing sense of adventure, touring Nashville, socializing with new people … made even more special because they worked so hard for this trip. Some have not been out of Ohio since they were very young. Their very happy song ends with these words – we worked hard for our money – we saved and saved our money  – we worked and we saved and it was so worth the wait!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!