Weekend Stipend

Effective April 3, 2016 hourly employees working on weekends will receive a stipend in addition to their hourly wage.

The Saturday stipend is 50 cents per HPC wake hour. The Sunday stipend is 75 cents per HPC wake hour.

Finding the stipend it on your paystub:

Q: Is this a pay increase?

A: No. This does not change the rate of pay for any employee. The stipend is paid in addition to the hourly rate of pay.

Q: Is the stipend paid on training, meetings and other hours?

A: No. The stipend is only paid for HPC hours reported with a client.

Q: Is the stipend paid on planned and unplanned leave hours?

A: No. All leave hours are paid at the regular hourly wage rate.

Q: Is the stipend higher on holidays.

A: No. The stipend rate does not change.

Q: Are there any changes to the way employees report work?

A: No. The system will add the stipend when appropriate.